Visions and Ethos

At Fulmer Infant School, our staff, parents and governors work together to provide an excellent education for all children.  We are dedicated to giving our children a happy and safe environment and one in which they are challenged to be their best.  We pride ourselves in providing a family environment where children can really thrive.

Learning and exploring together

Every pupil is given the best possible opportunity and encouragement to develop both academically and socially.  The staff consistently set and expect high standards of work and behaviour from pupils.  This principle of high expectations underscores the aims and objectives of the school, which are:

  • All pupils are helped to work to their best of their ability and to achieve high standards
  • Teaching is of a consistently high standard
  • Children are expected to behave well, to respect others’ views and beliefs and to treat each other with kindness and fairness at all times
  • To enrich pupils’ experience of the curriculum and integrate the school into the life and activities of Fulmer village
  • Fulmer Infant School is an inclusive school where all children, irrespective of gender, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation or disability, are given an equal opportunity to achieve.


Above all, the school aims to work closely with parents to prepare each child for his or her future life as a contributing member of society.

Fulmer Infant School Alderbourne Lane, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire, SL3 6JB
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Fulmer Infant School is a happy and vibrant school for children aged 4 to 7. To arrange a visit, please call us on: 01753 662654.