Eco School

We seek to embed environmentally friendly issues in all areas of school life.


Fulmer Infant School was awarded the Eco Schools Green Flag in 2009. This was re-awarded in July 2011 and again in July 2014.

We became a Fair Trade school in January 2012 and we were awarded the highest award, ‘Fairtrader’ school in June 2014.

Our areas of Eco work


  • Lights, computers and other electronics are only turned on when necessary
  • We keep the doors shut in winter
  • We remind children of our eco values in assemblies and circle time.


  • We have had taps installed which automatically turn off after ten seconds
  • We flush our toilets using rainwater
  • We water our plants using water from our water butts.

Healthy Living

  • We exercise
  • We eat healthily
  • We learn about good hygiene.


  • We compost our food waste and use the compost when planting new shrubs
  • We reduce our waste and we reuse and recycle whatever we can
  • We bring lunches with as little packaging as possible
  • We send newsletters to families by email.

School Grounds

  • We look after our school grounds
  • We learn about the dangers of dropping litter.


School Garden

  • We  grow and eat our own fruit and vegetables
  • We learn about wildlife and their habitats, and how we can protect them
  • We tend our raised gardens every Friday.


  • We take part in ‘Walk to School’ week
  • We park carefully and considerately
  • We learn about road safety.


  • We support Fairtrade
  • We communicate with other schools and are linked to AFE, a school in Honduras.

We have special ‘green days’, when we learn more about our environment. We also have an Eco Committee, which meets regularly to look at Eco issues.

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Fulmer Infant School is a happy and vibrant school for children aged 4 to 7. To arrange a visit, please call us on: 01753 662654.